Dec 1, 2021

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WEE Ambassadors Meet Organized By Chaitali Chatterjee Chairperson Of WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave

WEE Ambassadors Meet  Organized By Chaitali Chatterjee Chairperson Of WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave

Chaitali Chatterjee, Chairperson of “WEE-Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” organized “WEE – Ambassadors Meet” last week where dignitaries like Nandita Puri – Chairperson of OM Puri Foundation, Kajal Rochwani – Vice President of Mahila Morcha BJP (Versova Vidhaan Sabha), Actress & Influencer Leslie Tripathy, Stand-up Comedian Poornima Toprani, Ekta Srivastav – Publisher of ‘Better Kitchen Magazine’, Journalist & Award-Winning Blogger Skimmy Gupta, Internationally acclaimed & award-winning poet Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick, Sucheta Bhattacharya, Co-Founder and Director at Centre of Excellence in Indian & Western Music and Runa Chowdhary – Founder Member of ‘Royal Femme Club’ were present.

Venue Partner for the Event was “HnH Salad Bar and Cafe”. WEE thanks it’s Directors Shweta Mallick and Arpana Mishra for curating exclusive food and beverages for the evening.

Chittanshi Agarwal and Poorabie Khare, Directors of “ChitShe” – The Official Designer of IFTM – Iconic Fashionista Top Model were also present along with Bharti Baria and Tanaya Afzalpurkar, Official Models of IFTM.

Sushmita Srivastav (Global Chaska Owner), Director of IFTM – Iconic Fashionista Top Model who is also Core Team Member of WEE also witnessed the Event along with other Core Team Members Madhumita Ghosh (Financial Literacy Consultant), Minki Ghosh (Owner of Minki’s Handloom and Health Diagnostic Awareness Consultant), Seema Suman (Owner of Truly Mithila) & Ruchi Srivastav (Owner of Vedi Ayurvedic Beauty Products).

Upcoming Events by WEE in the coming months are Networking Meets, Corporate Events, Entertainment Event, Exhibition, Cultural Event, Fashion Walk, etc.

About WEE:

“WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” is an interactive forum for Women Entrepreneurs to grow their business together. WEE offers various platforms to all women entrepreneurs to showcase and present their products and services and connects them to clients from different parts of the world through social media, online news portals, it’s e-commerce platform, online and offline events, exhibitions, Networking meets, etc.

Presently WEE has 8600+ members in 9 locations – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, Assam, Lukhnow and Singapore.

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WEE – Ambassadors Meet organized by Chaitali Chatterjee, Chairperson of WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave

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Dec 1, 2021

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US Techie Venu Somineni’s ASLI CRICKET To Knock The Bails Off – The First Bollywood Film To Change The Rules Of Cricket

US  Techie Venu Somineni’s ASLI CRICKET  To Knock The Bails Off –  The First Bollywood Film To Change The Rules Of Cricket

The film has been shot in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad in 4 and ½ days  without written script and all dialogue were spontaneous on sets.

HYDERABAD (ANDHRA PRADESH) INDIA: The art of story-telling has traditionally occupied a certain pride in Indian cinema. Venu G. Somineni a.k.a Maitreya, the U.S. based techie has joined the ranks of young trailblazing filmmakers who are reshaping cinema with exceptional story-telling. The amateur has ventured into the tricky entertainment industry with a subject of restructuring the rules of cricket with his maiden feature film.

Rightly titled as, Asli Cricket, his film brings in certain reforms to the game of cricket in an interesting and entertaining format. According to one of the unit hands, “The movie made on a moderate budget and minus the regular script format is a sincere attempt to the Indian Cricket Board too to reformat the rules of playing.”

While many seasoned makers take months to complete the shooting of their film; the first-timer Venu G. Somineni a.k.a Maitreya has created a record of sorts by wrapping it within four-and-half days. –  three-days in and around Ahmedabad and one-and-half days in Hyderabad.

Veteran Mr. Rakesh Sabharwal of Prince Movies ( who is based in Mumbai is handling the film’s marketing and distribution.”

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Venu is a gifted storyteller whose talent transcended from graduating in Computer Science (BS and MS) from Coimbatore (India) and attending advanced management course in the U.S to a tech entrepreneur. He further led to successful careers in academia by mentoring, inspiring and accelerating growth and innovation including authoring critically acclaimed paperbacks by unlocking individual’s true potential. He has developed a in education at Cupertino in California which is a huge success.

“Software business has got nothing to do with the movie apex platform. That is developed for professional teaching only, “ reveals Venu G. Somineni.

He further says, “Film making is a creative medium and due attention has to be paid to all the departments. I won’t say that I am very much into films or the game of cricket. Nor I have been to any school for any kind of film training or visited any sets. I have this gifted technique of narrating interesting stories. We have to bring life to our stories and justify the subject with a moral which should be etched in the audience mind after watching a film. I wanted to say this appealing story about cricket and films are a perfect medium to say that.”

He further adds, “The game of cricket in different formats is being played all over the world. India too is the biggest cricket playing country. 8 out of 10 people are keenly interested in the game of cricket.  Many bio-pics and subjects around cricket have been made. This is the first film where we brought new rules in the game of cricket. It is challenging mind game for each other…. between a batsman and a bowler and the scores will dynamically go up or down based on the challenge. The bowling side wants to bring the score down while the batting side wants to increase the score….two rules for batsman and two rules for bowler… where one does not have to wait, till the last ball to turn on the tables. In other words “Asli Cricket” is a fascinating and motivational movie filled with lots of emotions.”

Regarding the unknown faces in the film’s star cast, he elucidates, “There are lot of youngsters and new comers who are great performers. The film has more than 100 plus actors in pivotal roles. To be honest with you, the story itself is the hero. Though the film is based on cricket, but you won’t see more of cricket games being played throughout. Something happens and there is this ‘Team India’ and its board to prove its mettle accepts the challenge to play the game of cricket with the ‘Rest of India’ with a new set of rules.”

“We have four songs in the film which are scored by Samir-Mana duo. They are veteran music directors down South and have provided music in more than 200 films. All the songs are situational and are melodious numbers. One is a title song which describes the evolvement of cricket, how it came to our country and the development of the game… The movie is based on the backdrop of Gujarat and thus we have a soulful garba number too,” highlights Venu.

The writer-director surprisingly reveals, “We have shot the film post-lockdown in August for 4 and ½ days in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Every day we had a 3-camera set-up. It was Black Magic 6K and for the final day we added 2-more cameras. I as a director did not have any assistants under me. We did not sound the clapper board for any scenes. There was no script on the sets. I had the full film in my mind.  There was no dialogue to be remembered. I infused the narration to the characters as per the scene and the moods and the actors were at liberty to say the lines as per the story. There was no spoon feeding. The story is relevant and will connect with the world, especially the youngsters and the masses.”

He further elucidates, “The post-production work was managed by Incube Pixel. The editing took some additional time. The first cut was of two and half hours and thereafter we went for a sharp editing and now the film’s running time is of 1 hour and 40 minute duration. We have also added Dolby Atmos for enhanced quality and international markets. The film is not only for the class audience but for the masses on the whole. It has also been certified by the censors’ with a ‘U’ certificate. With cinema halls opened, we are also looking forward for an early theatrical release and will also stream it on OTT platforms and other satellite and electronic mediums.

The film has unique elements that hardly happened in the history of cinema….the film being shot in 4 and ½ days without written script and all dialogue were spontaneous on sets.


Being made under the banner of Natural Movies the film is jointly produced by Ravi Somineni and Venu G. Somineni.

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Dec 1, 2021

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Krishna Bhatt To Tickle Your Funny Bone In And As Mirzapur Ke Jija

Krishna Bhatt To Tickle Your Funny Bone In And As Mirzapur Ke Jija

Ad-man Rajneesh DK Jain too joins the film wagon

Mumbai: Amazon Prime Video had successfully streamed two seasons of web series on “Mirzapur” on its OTT platform and is now in the process of streamlining its season three too.

Buzz is that one more movie on “Mirzapur” is ready to ignite some similar incidents of a wedding. Aptly titled as “Mirzapur Ke Jija,” it is a comedy caper and features actor Krishna Bhatt in the title role.

Krishna Bhatt was last seen in Akshay Kumar starrer “Mission Mangal”. He was also lately seen in ad-commercials of ‘Bikaji’ (sweets and namkeen) with Amitabh Bachchan. He was also a part of Kapil Sharma’s comedy shows too.

Krishna Bhatt says, “My last film released was “Mission Mangal” in 2019, before the lockdown. It was a friendly appearance played on the proposition of my dear director friend Jagan Shakti. In fact there are back-to-back four films in the pipeline of release. In “Mirzapur Ke Jija”, I play the titular role and is in search of a prospective bride but have to face unpopular incidences. It is gearing up for an early release. Then there is “Love You Pappu” which again is a comedy. Then there are two more films “Band of Maharaja” and “Antaryatri Mahapurush” (based on a popular and recognized Jain Monk’s biopic Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Maharaj) where I have interesting roles. In my 23-odd-years of acting career, I have acted in around 40-films. I have been choosey about the scripts that come to me.  There should be no vulgarity and the entire family should be able to watch the film together.”

“Mirzapur Ke Jija” is produced Rajneesh DK Jain who too joins the elite club of ad folks who went on to pursue their passion for filmmaking and create history. The film is being made under the banner of Rishabh Jain Films in association with Shree Jalaram Group and Ganatra Brothers and has been written and directed by veteran Mukesh Bitthariya.

Krishna Bhatt is ably supported by an ensemble cast of actors which include  Sahebdas Manikpuri, Rajesh Dubey, Manish Mishraa, Mahesh Kanwar, Umesh Bajpai, Avni Sharma, Seema Bhatt, Pratibha Singh, Abhilasha, Nisha Gupta, Banvari Jhol, Manish Shukla, Arvind Kumar, Hanuman, Ashish Chandel and Hatindra Tandon.  Master Rishabh Jain and Master Krishna Bitthariya are the young debutant actors in the film.


Jay Kumar Sharma is the director of photography. Abhishek Mishra is the editor. Ghazal singer and composer Dev Rathour who is inspired by the legendary playback singer Mohammed Rafi has provided the musical score and has also lent his voice. Lyrics are penned by Sudhakar Sharma.

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Dec 1, 2021

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Pesticides Are More Deadly Than Covid-19

Pesticides  Are More Deadly Than Covid-19

  • Serious illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s are increasing in youth due to eating pesticide-rich fruits and vegetables

Today, biopesticides are replacing chemical insecticides. Although they are proving useful for the crop, they harm our health like chemical pesticides. Young people between the ages of 25-40 years are getting cancer due to lifestyle changes. Another very important reason for this is pesticides. Many experts believe that today’s pesticide is more fatal than coronavirus.

Chemical pesticides have adverse effects on human health. Serious diseases like cancer are increasing by eating vegetables laced with pesticides. Along with this, it also has an adverse effect on the lungs, kidneys, and liver. These pesticides are a major cause of serious diseases. According to statistics, the number of patients with cancer has drastically increased with men having oral cancer and women having breast or cervical cancer.

Vegetables should be bought home with extreme care. One should avoid vegetables that have too much shine on them. Many times, chemical residues do not wash off our vegetables even after washing them properly. Experts believe that the chemicals being used in pesticides are neurotoxic, which result in diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The nutrients of vegetables are also lost due to excessive use of chemicals. Copper sulfate, rhodamine, malachite green, etc. are being used to make the colors of vegetables seem brighter. There are many vegetable wash products that are coming into the market nowadays. These products not only thoroughly wash the chemicals on vegetables but also keep them safe from other types of germs. Vegetable wash products were being used extensively during the pandemic.

Due to pesticides, chemicals, and fast food, the cases of cancer are increasing day by day.  The number of such patients has doubled in the last three years. Most of them are young.

The dark green color of peas, chilies, and other green vegetables is also artificial. It is being colored with malachite green chemicals. Copper sulfate is being used on all green vegetables like Bhindi, Gourd. These chemicals are extremely harmful to health.

Copper sulfate is most commonly used on vegetables. This chemical affects the liver and kidneys. Free radicals are formed due to this chemical which causes premature aging.

To get the cabbage crop soon, a chemical called tracer is used on it, which causes cancer. It makes cabbage ready to eat within a maximum of three days. Its residue remains even after washing cabbage with water.

Pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used to maintain the luster of vegetables found in shops and markets. On entering the body, it adversely affects the lungs and kidneys. Not only this, chemicals are also being added to make the cabbage flower lumpy. There is a need to be careful while buying vegetables from the market. VeggieSafe Products are able to remove chemicals from these vegetables to a great extent.

Director Medical Oncology, Medanta Hospital, Dr. Alok Gupta said, “From the time of planting the seeds in the fields till the arrival of the vegetable to us, pesticides are sprayed on it in every stage to keep them fresh and to protect them from insect-weed hulls. These insecticidal medicines keep the vegetable safe, but they are very harmful to our health. This is the reason that even after washing the vegetables thoroughly, the toxic substances and pesticides present on their surface are not removed and it causes cancer, allergies, heart issues, stomach disorders, sugar, blood disorders, and eye diseases.”

AMA Herbal Group of Companies makes VegeSure, a vegetable wash that removes harmful insecticides and pesticides from the surface of vegetables. CEO and Co-Founder of AMA Herbal, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah said “The effect of pesticide on ladyfinger, brinjal, gourd, and cucumber, etc., lasts for about 7-21 days, whereas these vegetables come in the market only in two-three days. Due to the use of these, lethal diseases like cancer have started growing inside our bodies today.

AMA Herbal Company’s Vegetable washes are available in the market, with the help of which the harmful pesticide on vegetables can be removed.”

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Nov 2, 2021

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Mahila Udyogini Marktet – MUM Corner Inaugurated By Chief Guest Smt Amruta Fadnavis

Mahila Udyogini Marktet – MUM Corner  Inaugurated By Chief Guest Smt  Amruta Fadnavis

“Mahila Udyogini Marktet” (MUM Corner) was inaugurated by Chief Guest Smt. Amruta Fadnavis on 30th October at Mumbai.

The idea behind today’s Event was to give platform to Women Enterpreneurs from different walks of life.

“Mahila Udyogini Market (MUM)” is brain-child of Smt. Shweta Shalini and has been initiated to give platform to women entrepreneurs from rural and urban areas so that they sell their products and get an opportunity to explore different geographical areas in entire Maharashtra.

For this Project, MUM gave opportunity to “WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” to get associated and run the Project.

WEE provides a platform to Business Women & helps them to showcase their products & services and scale-up their business through online & offline events, online & social media, e-commerce platform, panel discussions, talk-shows & interviews & many more. Presently WEE has 8200+ members in 9 locations – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Bangalore, Pune, Assam, Lukhnow & Singapore.

To join MUM Corner: Email at

WhatsApp at 9867210670

WEE provides a platform to Business Women & helps them to showcase their products & service.

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Nov 2, 2021

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Raja Boxer – Film Industry needs discipline and dignity

Raja Boxer – Film Industry needs  discipline and dignity

I was finding a story in Punjab and i found a man boxer turned Actor and story connects ton jail a tragedy that itself is an interesting plot. I m astonished to share such a beautiful store that i man with strength and power has glamour infornt of camera and these days is giving back to back hit songs to industry. We find realistic approach and inspiring story in his songs that’s totally appreciable. Recent songs that crossed million vies on Youtube and other social media platforms are “Jail” Released in 2020 , “Tu Dil Mqinu” 2021 , 21 Sal released in 2021,Haq Liye bina ni Mudna , Race etc. are those songs that made a remarkable attempt in Videos Box office connecting audience across globe. Raja Boxer is connected to spirituality and offers five times prayers when asked about priority he said “Namaz (prayers’) always first even I’m shooting or not hardly matters.

Tell us about your experience working in punjab film industry?

Well, its feels nice to be connected  with good technicians and people ,not only in showcase my talent but get to learn lot of things too, i love to learn and set is best school for this, now its been years of learning and gaining experience hope next projects will come with more perfection and experience reflection.

What kind of characters you love to perform on screen ?

Well because of my appearance and body language i m comfortable to do negative shade,” Villain” i love however I’m a different person of screen but I love negative side of myself on screen

What are your upcoming projects?

Well have lot of songs in pipe line and recently I’m in talks with a south Film Industry Director canot reveal name till official announcement ,it is a negative shade and I will love to do this character, as of now I’m enjoying doing songs and will be releasing some good tracks back to back this season.

A message for new actors ?

Well nothing much talent is on peak these days, but yes a discipline is important well i personally believe that instead of working more on gym and other thing one must be fit and equally work on acting skills, Acting is not even easy when comes technically so yes if you want to beat the competition you must lead from front, only looks don’t matter but acting skills too .Education and Respect to everyone is also more important because we are being treated as youth icons so its our prime importance to be the pure voice in society.


Raja Boxer is connected to spirituality and offers five times prayers

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