Jul 16, 2021

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Media Guru Dr Sandeep Marwah Honoured In UAE

Media Guru Dr Sandeep Marwah Honoured In UAE

Dubai: 14th July 2021-Seven World Record holder and a media baron Dr. Sandeep Marwah of Republic of India was honoured for his untiring contribution to World Peace and Unity through Art and culture by The Abrahamic Business Circle in a grand event at Hotel Taj at Dubai, UAE.

“Dr. Sandeep Marwah, case study in 27 countries, is in media for 40 years, studio business for 30 years and in education for 27 years. His contribution to the World media, films, art and culture has no comparison. Seven times he has been presented with Honorary Doctorate for his research and execution of innovative ideas in media and entertainment industry. Chair for more than hundred organizations and bringing almost 100 countries together to work for love, peace and unity through art and culture has made him an Icon. He has been bestowed upon more than 800 awards from all over the World. Nominated by 60 countries as their cultural representative with different names and titles is another World Record,” a citation read by Fatima Sotto Managing Director of The Abrahamic Business Circle.

The award –The Most Inspirational Personality of 2021 was handed over to Dr. Marwah by renowned businessman and social worker H.E. Mohammed Al Ali and H.E. Dr. Raphael Nagel founder and Chairman of the Abrahamic Business Circle under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah is teacher to 19000 media professionals from 145 countries of the World. He is the founder & Chancellor of AAFT University of Media and Arts. Nominated as National Chairman for Media and Entertainment Committee BIS Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, presently performing as Chief Scout for India and President International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry. He is also Chair for Indo UAE Film and Cultural Forum.

The award was presented in the august gathering of who’s who of Dubai including H.E. Franz Michael Skjold Mellbin Ambassador of Denmark to UAE, Raul Silva Managing Director and CEO Mojay Global Holding, H.E. Deng Deng Nhial Ambassador of South Sudan to UAE, Adnan Sawadi Stragic Advisor Knowingo, H.E. Sharifi Bahadur Mahmudzoda Ambassador of Tajikistan to UAE and H.E. Bogdan Kolarov Ambassador of Republic of Bulgaria to UAE.

David Solomon Chairman of Solomon Capital Group, Ali Shabdar Reginal Director MEA ZOHO Corporation, Kian Choong Cheah Investment Advisor, Dr. Ben Hanson Consultant Solar Energy, Ronen Mikdashi Vice President Marketing Cybergym, Jon Salazar founder and President Gazelle Wind Power and Dr. Andrea Claudio Galluozzo di Capramozza CEO Hercules Holding & Co Founder of The Abrahamic Business Circle were also present there.

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Jul 14, 2021

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Sadaf Shaikh is an International Blogger- Celebrity Writer – Senior Journalist with Press9News – Life Coach – Councillor and above all a dedicated Social Activist

Sadaf Shaikh is an International Blogger-  Celebrity Writer – Senior Journalist with Press9News – Life Coach – Councillor  and above all a dedicated Social Activist

Even as people in other States  were reeling through trying times amid the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown,  in Mumbai, Sadaf Shaikh, as a Social Activist stood up selflessly and dedicated her precious time and resources for the poor and the needy.

Recently she distributed Ration kits to some of the media personnel comprising cameramen, photographers and spotboys etc.


As an active councillor, she councils people who approach her with their problems.

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Jul 14, 2021

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My book on Swami Vivekananda is a travelogue where he is the travel guide – Journalist – Author Anshul Chaturvedi

My book on Swami Vivekananda is a travelogue where he is the travel guide – Journalist – Author Anshul Chaturvedi

12 July 2021, Kolkata: Journalist-author Anshul Chaturvedi shared his views on his new book on Swami Vivekananda at a virtual session of The Write Circle Special, organised by Prabha Khaitan Foundation and presented by Shree Cement. Filmmaker and environmentalist, Padma Shri Nila Madhab Panda, engaged Anshul in a lively chat, which was followed by a Q&A session. The session was introduced by Rishma Gill of Ehsaas Woman of Chandigarh.

The book, titled The Vivekananda Handbook for Everyday Living, is an essential guide to apply the principles of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings to one’s everyday life. The book was officially launched on June 28, 2021.

“This is not a scholarly analysis of his religious views, but a narration of the practicality of his thoughts to our daily life. It is not an academic work – there are already many such works on him – but more of a travelogue where Vivekananda is the travel guide,” the author explained in response to a query from the audience. “I didn’t write this as a gyan (pontification) statement. The idea is that the book should be easy to comprehend and implement – not be read as an intimidating religious book primarily about the greatness of the person concerned.”

“The reason the book hasn’t come along that way is also because of the same philosophy which this individual (Swami Vivekananda) planted into my head very early when I was younger and more combative,” Anshul added. “I kept the book to what I have practically experienced – how I saw him through my eyes. That is it. In the last 100 years, many scholars have written about him. So I did not need to reiterate his greatness. I am not qualified to comment on his personality – his stature and intellect are immense. I am qualified to comment on how he has shaped my thinking,” he said.

Nila, who has made award-winning films like I Am Kalam, Kadvi Hawa and Kalira Atita, said that he has mostly come across bulky, multi-volume readings on the monk and was quite impressed with how this book distils and explains Vivekanada’s teachings in less than 200 pages. He added that the book was a mental and emotional booster in today’s difficult times.

The book, which is now available on Amazon, is priced at Rs 279 (kindle edition) and Rs 499 (paperback).

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Jul 9, 2021

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RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Launches Muslim Scholar’s Book The Meeting of Minds

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Launches Muslim  Scholar’s Book The Meeting of Minds

5 July 2021, Ghaziabad: “There is a need to guard against fear-mongering that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is against minorities or that Islam is in danger in India. I believe that the DNA of the people of India is the same and that both Hindus and Muslims are one entity,” said Dr Mohan Rao Bhagwat, Sarsanghchalak, RSS, on Sunday at the Kitaab book launch event where he unveiled Dr Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed’s book – “The Meeting of Minds: A Bridging Initiative”. The book launch at Ghaziabad was organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation of Kolkata in association with Muslim Rashtriya Manch and presented by Shree Cement.

“When people speak about the need for Hindu-Muslim unity, we say we are already one, we are not separate,” Bhagwat said.

Leading professors, scholars, students and eminent personalities from across the globe attended the event that was streamed live. “This is a historic moment as intellectuals meet at one point. The book, which took me eleven months to write, is an honest straight forward account of economics, politics, emotional and many other aspects that determine our national interest; and the fate of tomorrow’s India. We need dialogue and not deadlock, there should be trust and brotherhood among Hindus and Muslims and together we shall make India the `Vishwa Guru’,” said author Dr Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed who is revered scholar, philosopher and academic.

“Honesty, integrity and credibility are the hallmarks of any relationship and would guide all the future actions and initiatives. He lamented that secular politics of today has brought us to a dead end. If there is no organisation, there is no ideology; if there is no ideology, there are no ideologue; if there are no ideologue, there is no direction; if there is no action and instead of response people react,” said, Dr Khwaja, whose book is now available in English, Hindi and Urdu.

Dr Khwaja lavished praised on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “We are lucky to have one of the most decisive prime minister ever. He calls a spade a spade and takes firm decisions.”

Dr Mohan Bhagwat said that political parties cannot act as tools to either help unite people or deepen the divide but can influence it. Allaying fears that a majoritarian sentiment is gaining ground in India, he said when atrocities take place against the minorities, voices in protest come from the majority itself. “If anyone says that Muslims should not stay in India then he is not a Hindu,” Bhagwat said.

Alluding to violence against minorities by alleged cow vigilantes, Bhagwat said that though cows are revered in India, violence in the name of cow protection cannot be condoned. “Law should take its course. They should investigate without partiality and punish the guilty. Anyone who is involved in lynching is not a Hindu,” he said.


Kitaab is an initiative of Prabha Khaitan Foundation which provides a forum for book launches by connecting intellectuals, book lovers and litterateurs with authors. Eminent authors like Shashi Tharoor, Vikram Sampath, Salman Khurshid, Kunal Basu, Vir Sanghvi, Vikas Jha, Luke Kutinho, Jeffrey Archer,Devdutt Patnaik, Anupam Kher, Ram Madhav, Guru Prakash Paswan, Sanjaya Baruand others have earlier had book launching sessions at Kitaab.

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Jul 8, 2021

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Producer Vijay Thakur’s Film BAIKUNTH Released On Amazon Prime Getting Audience Love

Producer Vijay Thakur’s Film  BAIKUNTH  Released On Amazon Prime  Getting Audience  Love

निर्माता विजय ठाकुर की फिल्म “बैकुंठ” Amazon Prime पर रिलीज दर्शकों का मिल रहा प्यार

एक बहुत बड़ी चुनौती तो ले ही चुका था लेकिन इसका परिणाम क्या होगा कुछ पता नहीं था,लोग कहते थे आजकल दर्शक नाटक तो देखने जाते ही नहीं तो साहित्य पर आधारित आपकी फिल्म देखने कौन जाएगा ? लेकिन दर्शकों के बेशुमार प्यार ने इस बात को झूठला दिया और यह साबित कर दिया कि अगर साहित्य पर आधारित अच्छी सिनेमा बने तो दर्शक आज भी दिल खोल कर इसका स्वागत करते हैं ।

उक्त बातें कहना है प्रेमचंद के उत्कृष्ट नाटक “कफन” पर आधारित फिल्म बैकुंठ के निर्माता विजय ठाकुर का ।

विजय ने बताया कि 13 मई को Mx Player पर  और 2 जुलाई को Amazon Prime पर फिल्म रिलीज होने के कुछ दिन बाद ही लाखों की तादाद में दर्शक इस फिल्म को अपना प्यार दिया । बतौर निर्माता यह मेरे लिए गर्व की बात है कि भारत के साथ-साथ विदेशों से भी मुझे कई सारे  फोन कॉलस आये और बधाइयां मिली ,अपनी फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री के कई सारे सीनियर कलाकारों का स्नेह व आशीष भी मिला ।जिसमें श्री  पियुष मिश्रा जी, श्री मती नादिरा ज़हीर बब्बर जी , श्री अखिलेंद्र मिश्रा जी,श्री राज पाल यादव जी ,श्री जुही बब्बर सोनी जी,श्री आर्या बब्बर जी ,श्री यशपाल शर्मा ,श्री पंकज त्रिपाठी जी जैसे समान्नीय व्यक्तित्व का आशीर्वाद प्राप्त हो रहा है।

विजय ने बताया कि बॉलीवुड में घिसी- पिटी कहानियों पर फिल्म बनाने का चलन चल रहा है बॉलीवुड में साहित्य पर फिल्म बनाने का चलन तो है ही नहीं,यूं कहे कि कोई भी फिल्मकार यह चुनौती लेने के लिए तैयार ही नहीं है जो हिंदी साहित्य के साथ बहुत बड़ा अन्याय है ।

रंगकर्मी,लेखक, और निर्माता विजय ठाकुर की माने तो साहित्य हमारी सिनेमा का आधार है और आज हम इसे ही छोड़ रहे हैं यह सही नहीं है । हमने स्थिति-परिस्थितियों का सामना करते हुए “बैकुंठ” बनाया और आज परिणाम सबके सामने है आगे भी हम लोग अर्थपूर्ण सिनेमा बनाते रहेंगे।

बैकुंठ की पृष्ठभूमि घीसू और माधव नामक दो शख्स‌ की है । “बैकुंठ” प्रेमचंद्र के उत्कृष्ट नाटक में से एक “कफन”पर आधारित है ।’कफ़न’ में महान कहानीकार प्रेमचंद ने गांव में जातिवाद, भूमिहीन किसानों की दुर्दशा और समाज में व्याप्त आर्थिक असमानता को बड़ी ही मार्मिकता के साथ प्रस्तुत किया था. प्रेमचंद की इस कहानी में दर्ज इन्हीं जज्बात को उसी पुरजोर अंदाज़ में फिल्म ‘बैकुंठ’ में पेश किया गया है।

फिल्म ‘बैकुंठ’ का निर्माण रवि कुमार और विजय ठाकुर ने साझा तौर पर किया है और विश्व भानु ने बड़ी ही ख़ूबसूरती के साथ इस फिल्म‌ का लेखन और निर्देशन किया है. फ़िल्म  में सिनेमेटोग्राफ़र आशीष पांडे व संकलन साई राज ने बहुत लगन से अपना काम किया है. फिल्म‌ में मुख्य भूमिकाओं में वन्या, संगम‌ शुक्ला, विश्व भानु, विजय ठाकुर आदि अभिनय कौशल से दर्शकों का दिल जीतने में कामयाब रहे हैं । उल्लेखनीय है कि इस फिल्म में गांव की ज़मीनी सच्चाइयों को दर्शाने के लिए गांव से जुड़े कलाकारों को ही तरजीह दी गई है।


उल्लेखनीय है कि ‘बैकुंठ’ 29  मार्च से Hungama play, Airtel xtream, VI movies and TV पर और 13 मई से MX Player और 2 जुलाई थे Amazon Prime के अलावा कुछ और ओटीटी प्लेटफार्म्स पर लाइव स्ट्रीम हो रही है ।


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Jul 1, 2021

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Director Atul Joshi shares his experience shooting for Candid Yaari by Mahreen Khan

Director Atul Joshi shares his experience  shooting for Candid Yaari by Mahreen Khan

With a 32 years of experience in the creative industry, Atul Joshi is an example for today’s youth who carries an energy of a 20 year old. Since the 90s he has given his energy and time working for the distinguished Times of India, he has also dipped his toes in the fashion industry and even in the entertainment industry.

At the age of 53, he proudly goes onto do his directorial debut for the new chat show “Candid Yaari” hosted by Mahreen Khan. He talks about his process for the show as he likes to do things very meticulously. His planning starts a day prior with his team which he likes to keep it small and tight and choreographs the entire route from start to end. Like moving chess pieces on the board, he executes his debut like a professional who strives to achieve perfection in any given circumstances.

He also advices the young generation to never feel let down on failures as that is where one learns and gives only one advice and that is to have discipline in your life.

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