Nov 11, 2020

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Uma Modi Popular Queen of Universe

Uma Modi Popular Queen of Universe

Uma.Modi born on 22/07/1957 in Mumbai. Was 2 years went with my nana nani went to Nilgiri hills Coonoor. It is one of the best hill station, Her upbringing was in a very luxurious way in a huge tea estate. Studied till ninth but had to shift to her home Navsari a small town in Gujarat, which she was not happy for and got married at a young age.

she with her husband did a lot of social work as Navsari junior chambers.. There ws an Eye Bank run by Navsari JC. She was the chairman of the Eye Bank and collected the highest eye balls in Guj..she helped  operating  blind people free of cost. Was awarded by Navsari Palika Chairman of “Women International Day” for the best social performance. In 1998 became the first lady president of Navsari Junior Chamber. Got the highest awards at zone level.

Won a Garba Competition at district level and reached state level.

Changing phase of my life downfall in business, so had to shift to Mumbai in 2000. In 2002 joined Max Life Insurqnce Co. Her struggle started from here and Acheived many rewards and recognition and foreign trips. a great set back when  was diagnosed with the cyst in her breast. Devastated by seeing her reports and was scared. She faught with courage got her operation done and had undergone  30 radiations which was extremely painful, With pain in body and smile on face she recovered fully and was back to work in 6 months.

2017 she did the first Marathon. After that she never stopped

2019  Participated in a beauty pageant “MISS, MR. AND MRS. ICONIC PERSONALITY 2019″ and tagged MRS. ICONIC PERSONALITY” and crown for the first Runners Up at Ahmedabad. At the age of 60 it was scintillating experience. She is a role model for many.

She believe in power of Universe, that whatever one think,  comes back to you. ‘life has tested her in many ways, and she always crossed that hurdle andfaced life with smiles. 2020 July, was also not less terrifying experience. There was fanatical situation in my family with my grand son. In this pandemic, it was really a catadysmic situation in y family. To handle myself or my children was question running day and night. BUt alas, mother won. I gathered all my courage emotionally & physically and motivated my kids to handle the same. Took care of them & myself in this pandemic & fought the medical challenge. Miracle happens, and finally my grandson was back from hospital. Healthy and happy.


Titile feliciated for  of “POPULAR QUEEN OF UNIVERSE” 2020 in pandemic it was the virtual pagaent. But a very different experience and challenging. She has  joint  her family consisting of her  husband 3 sons 3 daughter in law 4 grand sons .

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