Oct 19, 2020

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Dashobhuja Short Film On Maa Durga By Chaltabagan Durga Puja Draws The Who’s Who Of Art And Film World

Dashobhuja Short Film On Maa Durga By Chaltabagan Durga Puja Draws The Who’s Who Of Art And Film World

19 October, 2020, Kolkata: A short film “Dashobhuja” (the ten-armed Goddess) by Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja Committee has drawn the who’s who of the performing arts and film world to highlight the ten astras or weapons held by Maa Durga in each hand and its deep spiritual meaning and message. This musical film would be released tomorrow after its premiere at the ITC Royal in conformity with social distancing norms, would be in Bengali and Hindi.

The short film has been conceptualised and produced by culturist Sundeep Bhutoria who is also the Chairman of the 78-year-old Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja famed for its Dhak and Sindur Khela. The film is directed by Arindam Sil and maestro Bickram Ghosh has given the music. While Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt of Grammy Award and Padma Bhushan-fame has done raag Durga for a portion of the film, Dr Sonal Mansingh has recited the Sanskrit shlokas. Singers Usha Uthup, Iman Chakraborty and Somchanda Bhattacharya have lent their voices to the short film whose script is written by Sugato Guha and choreographed by Arnab Bandhopadhyay. Ayan Sil contributed as the director of photography.

The entire shooting was done at the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (EZCC) Kolkata in Salt Lake. Nusrat Jahan and Rituparna Sengupta have lent their voice as the narrators of the story. For the Hindi version, Dr Sonal Mansingh has done the narration.

“Chaltabagan Durga Puja has been the first puja in city to popularise Dhak Utsav and Sindurkhela as special events which has been graced by chief minister, governors, diplomats, film fraternity, artists, industrialists, book lovers, folk and cultural performers and so on. This year we not organising Dhak and Sindurkhela factoring in the covid situation so we thought of trying our something new through which we would be able to showcase the cultural and spiritual aspect of Bengal’s most popular festival to our partners, associations and other cultural organisations in India and abroad,” said Sundeep Bhutoria, Chairman, Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja Committee.

The film revolves around the ten astras or weapons that the gods gave to Maa Durga, namely kharga (sword), trishula (trident), sudarshana chakra (thunder disc), vajra (thunderbolt), tir dhanush (bow and arrow), bharji (agni), sankha (conch), lotus, khitaka/parashu (gada) and snake. It starts with a lady doing “Chandi Paath” and a little girl representing Devi Durga. The ten astras of Maa Durga are represented by ten women. Each woman representing each an astra does a performance and at the end of which they present their astra to the little girl as the “Chandi Path” continues. At the end of the ten performances when the little girl is presented with all the ten astras we see the idol of Devi Durga complete `Dashobhuja’ form with all the astras in her hands. The video will start and conclude with excerpts and footages from previous years’ Puja celebrations at the Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja.

The women performers who have represented the ten astras of Maa Durga in the film are Ananya Chatterjee, Bratati Bandyopadhyay, Devlina Kumar, Jaya Seal Ghosh, June Maliah, Koneenica Banerjee, Dr Nandini Bhowmik, Priti Patel, Poulomi Das, Sauraseni Maitra, Shinjini Kulkarni, Soumili Biswas. The film also introduces Rammani Mandal.

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Oct 16, 2020

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Movie Release Ahead Of Bihar Elections Is Just Coincidence – Acharya Manish Producer Of Film PM Narendra Modi

Movie Release Ahead Of Bihar Elections Is Just Coincidence –  Acharya Manish Producer Of Film PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi, October 15, 2020: “Today is a historic day for Indian cinema, the first biopic on a serving PM – Narendra Modi has become the first movie to hit theatres after lockdown. The re-release of ‘PM Narendra Modi’ has been done in theatres that have reopened today, the film could not be released comprehensively earlier due to the political controversy ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha election.” stated Acharya Manish, Producer of ‘PM Narendra Modi’ during a press conference held at Le Meridien, New Delhi. Acharya Manish was joined by the film’s writer & creative director Sandip Ssingh at the press meet.

Talking about the threats being issued to the makers of the film online, Acharya Manish said, “We are not daunted by the threats issued to our team.” It is noteworthy that a senior member of the team behind the Vivek Oberoi-starrer PM Narendra Modi biopic, Amit B Wadhwani, has recently lodged a complaint with the cyber cell in Mumbai after receiving death threats online.The film ‘PM Narendra Modi’, which has re-released, will be screened across the country.

Sharing details, Sandip Ssingh, writer & creative director, said, “The movie depicts the motivational journey of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi from his humble beginnings to his years as Gujarat, Chief Minister and to his landmark win at the 2014 election, and finally becoming the Prime Minister of India.”

Acharya Manish added, “I am fortunate to be part of this amazing biopic, which is beautifully directed by Omung Kumar.  The journey of honorable PM Modi in itself is very inspiring and the movie will certainly boost up the morale  of the country’s youth in the tough circumstances of the pandemic, which is still unabated.”

Talking about the film,  Sandeep Ssingh added, “It is a great moment for the entertainment industry as cinemas have re-opened today, after the prolonged lockdown. What better way to celebrate this than watching this motivational story based on one of the most inspiring and resilient leaders of India -Narendra Modi. Our whole team is proud to be part of this historic moment.”

“Moreover, due to some political agendas, when it was last released, the film couldn’t be launched in the way we were planning. We’re now hoping the film gets a fresh life in the theatres and makes for a great watch for the people of the nation.” said Sandeep.

On being asked about the connection of the Bihar election with the movie release, Acharya Manish elucidated, “The allegation that the re-release has been timed just before the Bihar Assembly Polls is not at all tenable. For a very long time, we were mulling over the re-release date. After the prolonged lockdown, fortunately we got the chance to re-release on October 15 on the very first day of re-opening of cinemas. That the Bihar elections is around the corner happens to be just a coincidence.”


From a tea seller to joining the RSS Shakha, and even the phase of the Godhra riots controversy in Modi’s life, all have been well encapsulated in the movie. The film has brought all the shades of Narendra Modi’s life live on screen in a 2 hours 10 minutes long movie. Vivek Oberoi, who is playing Modi’s character in the movie, has donned as many as nine different looks.

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Oct 14, 2020

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Acid Survivors Open Super Market at Mumbai Chitra K Wagh Inaugurated Daulat Khan and Krishna Kumar Took A New Step

Acid Survivors Open Super Market at Mumbai Chitra K Wagh Inaugurated  Daulat Khan and Krishna Kumar Took A New Step

Mumbai : Acid Survivors Sahaas Foundation had organise a Social Event for launching “” All IN ONE SUPER MARKET- By  Acid Survivors”. It was held on 10th October , Saturday , Time 5:30pm at Rangshrdha Hotel, Near Lilavati hospital ONGC colony  Bandra West Mumbai. Chief Guest was Mrs. Chitra Kishor wagh ( Bjp Vice President of Mumbai) and Mr. Deepak Sawant ( Film  Director and Mr Amitabh Bachchan ‘s Makeup and Hair Stylist) and Guest of Honour Ms. Sonali Iyengar, Sneha Vasariya, Anuradha  ( Tabla Player First Women in India ), Mr. Raju Nag, Mr.Dinesh Wala , Mr Ajay Sonawale, Mr.S P Ahuja and many more will be  present on the occasion . Acid Survivors Women were also present in this function they would say a few words about their COVID  Experience.

ASSF was an initiative, started in 2016 by Mrs. Daulat Bi Khan, who herself was a victim of acid attack. The aim of this organization  is providing shelter to the acid victims along with actively focusing on spreading awareness about acid attack, aftermath of attack  & its consequences and to fight against the taboo of the society.

The NGO provides rehabilitation to the patients which include medical facilities, education, legal, moral and financial support.  The foundation has so far helped many acid attack victims in performing major surgeries, providing them with basic human needs  and living a normal lifestyle by arranging marriages for them such as Ms.Lalita and Ms.Kamal. A great support in this noble cause  was provided by the owner of Ample Mission, Dr. Aneel Murarka. ASSF till date has provided end to end support to more than 30 acid victims which includes surgery of 9 acid survivors.


ASSF’s vision is a world free from acid violence where survivors and activists work together for this common  cause. This can be possible only by changing the social perception towards the victims. Society should not  consider acid sufferers as victims but rather as victors. They should be filled with a massive amount of esteem, so  they can see any hindrance in their path as a fragile one. The other aspect is helping the ‘average person’ who  hears about acid violence move from being a concerned bystander to an active participant in this fight.


ASSF’s main goal is to provide every possible support to the victims and survivors. The NGO is deeply focusing on providing  shelter to acid victors which should also consist of a workshop where they can earn their livelihood by making handmade bags,  cushions, antiques etc. Daulat Bi has a dream and ambition to open a big departmental store which itself will be operated by acid  victors team. By taking these small but major steps the victors can stand on their own feet and can prove their worth to the  society.


The main objective of starting this supermarket is to help victims of acid attack earn their living from the business. The store will  remain open 6 days a week. This business will help acid survivors become self-dependent in their life ahead.

The impact of this initiative will be an independent, liberal and self-sustained life for acid attack survivors. event will encourage everyone work hard whosoever is a part of this initiative.

Krishna- Director of Acid Survivors Sahaas Foundation Bandra West Mumbai.

www. assfindia.org.

Contact- +919320009722.

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Oct 14, 2020

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Octogenarian Journalist Mark Tully Laments Sensationalism Of TV News Channels Prefers To Turn On The Radio

Octogenarian Journalist Mark Tully Laments Sensationalism Of TV News Channels  Prefers To Turn On The Radio

13 October 2020, Kolkata: Octogenarian journalist Mark Tully, in a scathing indictment of today’s sensational journalism and falling standards of television news, said, “India has a terrible history of going through traumas and then everything goes on as if nothing happened. I think it is so unfair that you have media trials and very often the person is found not guilty, but we never hear about that at all. I often move away from the news bulletins as you see the same sort of standard coverage presented as tonight’s `big story’ with no background, nothing about why it is happening.” Sir Mark Tully also said that it is appalling and sad that the colonial legacy of a

“governing police force” rather than a “serving police force” is still operational in India.

In an hourlong Tete-a-Tea session organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation of Kolkata, Sir William Mark Tully – the voice and face of BBC in South Asia for three decades – reminisced about his childhood in Calcutta where he was born. He shared his views on making curries, his love for the radio and the railways. Sir Tully also touched upon a range of topics germane to the current state of affairs in India. Conversationalist, Lady Mohini Kent Noon, connected from London to engage Mark Tully to respond to some of the pressing issues pertaining to journalism, media trials, policing in India, colonial legacies and the plight of women. A large number of audience from across the globe logged in for the engaging session.

Mark Tully explained, “The problem is basically that the owners and proprietors of television channels think what people want to see is breaking news, and to some extent they are right. But they are obsessed with getting the maximum viewers and so they stick by the rule – news is the views of the day.”

“I believe very strongly in radio as a medium. Even now, I often turn to radio rather than television if I want to be entertained. I love listening to radio drama. One of the reasons is that your imagination is at work and you are free to imagine for yourself – What it was all about! What the picture was like! We the radio people would say, the picture is always better because it’s your own picture,” he said.

1935-born Sir Mark Tully, the recipient of Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan, had covered some of the momentous historical events of the century in the subcontinent as a journalist over a career spanning three decades (1964 to 94). As a BBC correspondent, he had covered the Indo-Pak conflicts, Shimla Summit, Bhopal gas tragedy, imposition of Emergency, Operation Blue Star, assassination of Indira Gandhi, anti-Sikh riots, assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the demolition of Babari masjid and many other big happenings. He was the bureau chief of BBC in New Delhi for 20 years.

Commenting on existing colonial legacies in India, Mark Tully said, “I think there are still a lot of colonial legacies in Indian life, particularly in administration and governance. It is most striking in the police which is appalling. A senior police friend used to say there are two types of police force – the governing and the serving. The governing police force’s top priority is to maintain law and order and the serving police force’s job is to serve the public. India under colonial rule had a governing police force which supported the government whether it was right or wrong, legal or illegal. What India needs is a serving police force.”

He further said, “Only recently there was a terrible picture of a police refusing to allow the family of a girl, who had been brutally raped to die, to cremate her in day time. The police even stopped the family from attending the cremation fearing there would be some riots or problems if they allowed the family to cremate the girl when they wanted to so. We saw the way the police were talking to the family and it was a terrible sight, and it was just absolute governing police force, rather than the serving police force. Well everyone is afraid of the police in India, no one wants to call the police to help them, which is evident.”

Mark Tully was sent to a British boarding school in Darjeeling. “I wasn’t born a white in a sea of brown. I was actually born in a little pond of white because our whole life was white. We had no Indian friends. We didn’t play with Indian children at all. We had a European British nanny whose job was to supervise us all day, make sure who we played with and make sure we did not get close to the sun. I did not have the privilege of learning Hindi as a child. We lived an entirely white and English life. I went to school in Darjeeling because it was a school especially for English children. We had a wonderful headmaster who was a Quaker, a liberal who allowed us to go all over the place and I had much more contact with the outside world,” Tully said.

Sir Tully reiterated his love for the railways and steam engines, “As for my love for railways, a part of it goes back to my childhood days. We used to go from the magnificent Howrah station to Puri, Siliguri, Hazaribagh and other places. So, I did a lot of railway travelling and I loved it. I was always fascinated by the concept of this enormous amount of steel, a huge thing and the huge distances that it was going to cover. I loved the steam engines in particular. And I can boast a little by saying that I am the Vice-President of Indian Steam Railways Society, which is a great honour. I have also travelled in a saloon from Karachi to Quetta and on many such journeys.”


“The steam engines are the nearest things to a human being in machines. I think they are like a human, very temperamental, they are very difficult to drive well, you have to worry about so many different things in them. But, a steam engine in full speed is a magnificent sight – you see the smoke coming out and puffing its way. In England now, steam railways are a huge big business. In India we run steam engines occasionally on the mainland but we don’t have special rails to run them on and we don’t have railways run by volunteers like we have in England. I wish we did have that in India,” Sir Tully said.

“I have an absolute horror for aeroplanes. I think that it is the most boring, dull, drab method of travel anyone has ever invented. I love travelling by ships as well,” he said.

“Do you think  the lot of women have improved substantially in India?”

“Yes. Definitely. I also think that they are much more prepared to fight for their rights. I think lots of women would say still there is a long way to go, but I think the situation has improved. I think that it would be a very good thing to fix a minimum number of women members at the Parliament and of all other assemblies,” he said.

On being asked what he still wants to achieve in his illustrious life, Mark Tully, the author of nine books, said, “I would like to write a book and improve my Hindi.”

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Oct 12, 2020

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Dipti Shendre Winner Of Joil Entertainment’s Miss Universe 2020 As 1st Runner Up With Subtitle Winner Miss Photogenic

Dipti Shendre Winner Of Joil Entertainment’s  Miss Universe 2020 As 1st Runner Up  With Subtitle Winner Miss Photogenic

Name : Dipti Shendre

Winner : Miss Universe 2020 1st runner-up

With subtitle winner:  Miss Photogenic.

My age is 18 years. From city of lakes Bhandara. Currently persuing b tech in computer science.

Since i was a child i grew up thinking to be Miss Universe one day by admiring Miss Sushmita Sen mam. I started modeling from 6 years of my age in 2008. As i was having intrest in extra activities , so teachers offered me to take part in a fashion show. I was very excited for the show so i win the title of Miss beautiful. After a long gap in modeling i re-start my hobbie again in 2017 . I get to know about some shows through my mentors. I started giving auditions and got selected for finale. I did alot many shows and pageants. Recently achived title of Miss Universe 2020 1st runner-up and miss Phtogenic . And archived many awards like Miss Asia international talented 2020 . Miss India glam icon miss talented 2020. Miss Vidharbha 2019. Miss Phtogenic Nagpur 2017.

Even i have judge many shows like Miss tumsar and 2 more in my locatily . I specially want to thank my family my mom dad and brother for their support and encouragement. Thanku for being their for me.

Especially thanks to mr. Sandy Joil sir , priya mam for giving me wonderful opportunity. Thanku for grooming me so well .


This is my lifetime achievement and want to thank each n everyone who made this thing possible.

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Oct 12, 2020

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Yash Thorat The 1st Runner Up Of Mr Universe 2020 With Subtitle Of Mr Talented A Pageant Presented by Joil Entertainment

Yash Thorat The 1st Runner Up Of Mr Universe 2020 With Subtitle Of  Mr  Talented A Pageant Presented by Joil Entertainment

Name : Yash Thorat

Winner :Mr Universe 2020 1st Runner Up

Subtitle : Mr. Talented

My age is 19.. Finally I can say my dream came of being mr. Universe2020 ,but I can say I got it & I think Success is no accident ,it is a hard Work, perseverance, learning , studying & sacrifice and most of all love of what u are  or learning to do .,now I am working as model .I have a huge passion for acting & now I love be in front of Cammera .now I mainly love being in front of Cammera.

During my this journey I faced many circumstances and I think Life is journey of circumstances we just have to learn from it & mould from it …,I was always got attracted towards the models,& when I used to see the shows on television I used to think when I would be like this…but fortunately I got opportunity bcoz of lSandy sir ,he gave me the opportunity to prove myself ,I participated in many fashion weeks & learned many things .  I thankful to my mom & my brother sunny that because of them I achieved the great award..My brother helped. In every period of my life because oh him I on this position.


He gaved examples of many great personalities.He is my idol ,mentor & everything& special thanks to Priya mam,Sandy sir gave me an opportunity to be a part of this show & groomed us so well.

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