Feb 2, 2021

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IAWA and Amarcine Production Presented EK SHAAM CORONA YODHAO KE NAAM

IAWA and Amarcine Production Presented EK SHAAM CORONA YODHAO KE NAAM

First award was given to Kishori Pednekar jee Mayor of Mumbai.

IAWA NGO in Association with Amar Cine Production Organized a super successful Event – EK SHAAM COVID YODDHAAO KE NAAM in Mumbai. The Motive of the Event was to Felicitate and Award the Covid-19 Warriors who proved their Humanity during the Crises of Pandemic with NGO IAWA in their respective Cities.

First Award was presented to Honorable Mayor of Mumbai Shrimati Kishori Pednekar Jee. 2020 was the year of crisis which can never be forgotten in life humanity was seen, where people came out on roads risking their life and helped each other.

Chief Guest of the evening was great Legend AD Guru Shri Prahlad Kakar Jee, with another Guest of Honors Arvinder Singh, Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar (V.I.P), Sawant Kumar Tak.

IAWA, Innovative Artists Welfare Association is an NGO Registered in India. The Motive behind this is to help the Artist Fraternity Medically, Financially and Emotionally as the Condition of Artist in India is not so good in India. Besides this, they work for Acid Attack Victims, Old Age Home and Orphanage Children, Domestic Violence Child Education.

The Founder President of IAWA NGO is Dr. Daljeet Kaur an Artist, and a Social Activist. Amarjeet Singh C.E.O of Amar Cine Production & Kalpana Karsan IAWA Secretary of Maharashtra Managed the Event, and they have a plan to cover maximum corona warriors of India in different Cities by honoring them with a Memorable Momento including Eminent Leaders who worked hard in the Pandemic.

Awardees were from different Categories, Police Officers, Nurses, Doctors, Social Activist, Journalist and Respectable Politicians. Sardar Jatinder Singh Shunty is also one of the Awardees who is also Honored with Padma shri for his Social Activities.


It was a beautiful Cultural Show, Dance Performance Choreographed by Celebrity Choreographer Saiba Sayed from Saiba Dance Academy with his team.

Singers of the Night was Sakshi Holkar, Sultan Sulemani, Birbal Ji and Vijay Ishwar lal Pawar the Great Comedian of India that Entertained the Audience.

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