Nov 11, 2020

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Victoria Okram Winner Of Quarantine Queen of Universe 2020

Victoria Okram Winner Of  Quarantine Queen of Universe 2020

Victoria Okram hails from the land of the lofty heights,Manipur, in the scenic village of Tumuyon Khullen, Senapati district. She is a graduate, a devoting mother of two beautiful children,Abigail Okram and Kasper Okram ,and an enthusiastic social activist. She has an intense passion for devoting her time and resources towards her commitment for others as a social activist. Determination, integrity and hardwork defines her as a person. To her, beauty is not just the physical attributes of a person, it is much more, it is the beauty of the soul which shines from within.

Being a considerate woman, she aspires to become a mother who serves as an inspiration to her children and also, serve humanity.

She believes in empowerment of women because only through empowerment, women could raise their voice without fear in society and fight for injustices. She is a passionate person who strongly stands for the cause of good humanity and peace.Throughout her journey, she has won several titles and received prestigious awards.

1)Miss Barak (2005), 1st Runner up

2)Miss Barak (2005), Miss Beautiful hair

3)Best Female Artist Award (2005) Senapati District Level

4)Mrs IAWA India (2019), 1st Runner up

5) Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Best Smile

6)Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Social Media Queen

7)Queen of northeast with a golden heart(2020) (fashion lifestyle magazine)

8)Popular Queen of Universe (2020)

9) Quarantine Queen of Universe (2020)

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