Nov 11, 2020

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Adaphro Sylvia Popular Queen of Universe 2019

Adaphro Sylvia Popular Queen of Universe 2019

Iawa Mrs india 2017

Mrs India Asia Pacific Intercontinental 2019

In the year 1985, 1st April, she was born in Manipur in a middle class family. At the age of 12 her father died and since then her mother looked after the whole family. As the income was less and the sibling were five they never got what they really wanted like good foods, selective clothes and other several things. She struggled since childhood. Sylvia got married at her Seventeenth to Mr. Rakesh Rai and never knew how to even make omelette and household chores which was completely new to her. But time helped her learn everything slowly. One thing she could never forget was the 2km walk just to get 2 buckets of water. Instead of joy and happiness for showering her first son (Brandon Rai), he got VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) so she got sorrow and pain. She took him to Delhi and many cities of India for treatments and finally with God’s grace he was getting better. After 6 years gap she got her 2nd son (Jayraj Rai) and again after 6 years she got the last son (Viddhant Rai).

In 2015 she got severely sick and after that she was completely bed rest for 2 years. Doctors treated her for Typhoid three times but didn’t get better as it wasn’t typhoid. She was advised to visit her doctor in Delhi every 3 months for one and half years. All she could think of was to die or get rid of it because she was a type of person who always smile and giggle.

Then she got little better slowly and this was the time IAWA which was a pageant for the first time in Manipur for Mrs. Category and she decided to try for it and she finally won the title IAWA Mrs India Manipur 2017 which she claimed the greatest achievement in her whole life being a house wife for more than 20 years

Being the winner of Mrs IAWA INDIA 1ST RUNNERS UP 2017 she explained, with all these experiences from the day of the audition till the Grand Finale, she finally improved herself and changed completely from a timid and shy person to a strong, independent and self believed woman. She has also received MAHANAGAR GLOBAL ACHEIVERS’ AWARD 2019 and also walked an INTERNATIONAL RAMP in Thailand (PRAYAG Thai-Indian Fun Fair 2019) . She walked as a showstopper at MANITEX that is Manipur International Textile Expo 2019. She was also the Showstopper of Winter Falls Collections by Bobocha Laishram 2019-20. She also did several campaigns and programs by herself on sanitary pad awareness, domestic violence, woman empowerment and she is also mentoring women of the next generation.


She then represented India in the year 2019 as Mrs Asia Pacific intercontinental and won the title of special queen award ambassador with the subtitle of Mrs Super Model 2019 which was held in Singapore and Malaysia. She was selected as a State Icon of Election Commission of India,Manipur 2019-20 . And right now she is the Brand Ambassador for L.S. football tournament 2020 which is base in Manipur.

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