Jan 3, 2017

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BHAAGYA  NA JAANE KOI Ready For An Early Release

BHAAGYA  NA JAANE KOI Ready For An Early Release

Status Air Vision’s Bhaagya Na Jaane Koi ( in Hindi and Avadhi languages), produced by Sushila Bhatia and directed and edited  by Dilip Gulati is now complete after 30 days  shooting stint in Lucknow locales. Co-producer: Himmat Bhatia. EP: Satyen Bhatia.

Dubbing of the film has also been completed at Studio DG 9 which is  Dilip Gulati’s own Recording Studios,Bhagat Singh Nagar, Goregaon,Mumbai  on December15th . The final mixing of sound -tracks and DI work has also begun on  16th December  and the first copy will be out digitally by the first week of Jan 2017.


The film is  being planned for January /February 2017 release is based on the true story written by wellknown legendary author Munshi Premchand from his two largest selling novels KAFAN and NIRMALA.

Renowned actor Rajpal Yadav, veteran actor Sadhu Meher, Netra Raghuraman, Anita Sehgal and Roopa Mishra are playing the main roles in this film. Screenplay-dialogue: Paras Jaiswal. DoP: Debu Deodhar and Hemant. Lyrics: Sushila Bhatia. Music: Iqbal Darbar and Uday Mazumdar. Costume designer: Neepa Bhatia. Background Music: Vanraj Bhatia.


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